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Project Management

Monzamedia makes a point of always sticking to deadline dates. In order to effectively achieve this, the role of Project Manager is key at all times. Monzamedia often takes on the role of Project manager for large scale multi-national client jobs. This can include project managing various elements including Web, SEO, PR, Marketing and Design.

The act of Project Managing in the online industry is critical and requires a strong understanding of the various technical elements falling under the project management banner. Monzamedia is confident and skilled at handling this process and prides itself on always delivering a logical and systematic approach.

Clients are encouraged to participate in the management of the various tasks/jobs and reporting and tracking of the status of the project is always at hand. After 13 years in the industry, Monza is not only capable of project management, but skilled at multi-tasking and successfully running elements concurrently.