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What we do

The bespoke solutions that we create for our clients are centered around big ideas
and unique experiences that are designed to disrupt the everyday.


Who we are

In the Spring of 2003, founding member, Matthew Scher, was relaxing on a Sunday afternoon. While thinking about the industry and the most effective way to move forward, he glanced at the television and noticed a spectacular bird's eye view of the  famous formula 1 Italian racetrack known as Monza. This view highlighted these tiny little cars racing around a track, all competing to be the best and the fastest. Occasionally these cars would stop and refuel in the pits and out they would go again to continue the race, very similar to the design industry. 

It was both exciting and exhilarating. It was at this point that it all made sense – a kind of epiphany. Monza is Italian and the flair, style and excitement is clearly visible in the racing and the Italian lifestyle. "Monza" was born to the principles of speed, style and design. "Media" encompassed the broad range of offerings from the newly formed company. It was with this understanding and energy that Monzamedia was officially born into the industry.

What clients say

“Throughout my website production, the companies that we were working with changed their minds constantly, and we eventually had to take a completely new view on the website design.  Each time that there was a change, Monzamedia were unbel...

“I found the service to be very professional and the team very helpful, I think the website that Monzamedia designed was absolutely awesome!  It was very bold, fresh and eye-catching!” 

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