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About Us


Monzamedia started in 2003 from a studio space in Green Point. The current high-tech studio space in Gardens, Cape Town is indicative of the professionalism, growth, capability and attitude of the team.

Over the past fourteen years, we have built up a reputation of both excellence and passion and always try to ensure that our views and culture is one of respect and appreciation of clients and design. As we move into the future, we look forward to the growth and advancement of technology and aim to keep our clients at the forefront of this ever changing industry. We are always approachable and more than happy to help.


At Monzamedia we are driven by passion and the love of both design and programming. We are committed to all of our clients, both big and small. Our attitude and behaviour revolves around respect towards our clients, respect for the industry and respect for one another.

These principles and values are what we work by every day. Our views and behaviour is reflected in the broad range of work we do for all of our clients. At our studio, clients are made to feel welcome and comfortable and most of our work produced ends up forming long term relationships with clients. We continue strong relationships with local, national and international clients.

About Us


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Monzamedia is an extremely busy studio and focussed on ensuring that all of our cleints are serviced with professionalism and commitment on a daily basis.

However, when we do make a bit of time (often after hours!) we try and educate, enlighten and entertain those people wanting to follow out thoughts and ideas.


Our team of designers and programmers are all highly qualified, dynamic and committed members. Some team members have been around since the inception which is indicative of the loyalty and togetherness we build at Monzamedia.

Our team are always comparing our work standards with those of leading international agencies. Monzamedia is a place where designers and developers learn the art of teamwork, professionalism and maturity.

Our designers develop their ability to fulfil multiple roles in a day and multi-task assignments on a daily basis. This creates a highly dynamic and ever changing environment every day.