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News /  User Experience (UX) importance!

If you have have ever looked at a website or been involved in some kind of discussion revolving around websites, then you would probably have taken part in a discussion around a topic called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and a little company called Google. SEO in short, is the act of trying to ensure that your website ranks high on Google. By so doing, this creates higher probability of internet users finding your company, which in turn means more sales, interest or increased services and and and...

However, recent articles posted by Google, state that the user experience is actually even more critical than merely SEO. This is quite a bold statement by the Search Engine giants, but comes with logic and vast experience. If you think about it, its actually quite simple really. It's all very well spending lots of money on SEO and Pay per click campaigns to get people to your website, but if they get to your website and the user experience is poor, the odds of those people staying on your website and/or committing to a call to action, is remote! 

At Monzamedia, we specialise and spend loads of time assessing the logic in the user experience for multiple websites. We advise, guide and design websites with a strong push towards extremely friendly UX. If the UX is pleasant and easily understandable, this can only increase the chances of customers/clients staying on your website and following through with a call to action on the website.

No need to panic, just go onto your website and see if the experience is "honestly" easy to use and encourages your customers to engage with you. If there is any doubt in your mind about this, then the odds are that your website might need some assistance. Have a look and be honest with yourself. :-)