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What is Responsive Web Design (RWD)? RWD is the act of programming a website so that it automatically adjusts to the device with which the website is being viewed on. The website understands what device it is being viewed on and adjusts itself to cater for that device. Therefore, viewing the website on a 23inch desktop screen will be different to viewing on a mobile phone. A quick way to check if your website is RWD is to view it on a mobile phone. if you find that you have to zoom in and out to see what it says - then odds are it ain't Responsive.

Ok, so now you know what RWD is, but the actual big news is that Google has stated that all websites that are not RWD, will not rank as well as websites that are RWD. So, if you had a website desiged a few years ago, the odds are you need to get your website either updated or changed to cater for Google's new terms. I guess this is the nature of the digital age and especially since Gogle is a massive playmaker in the industry.

Monzamedia has already been converting many of our client's websites to RWD. All of our new websites are built with this in mind and it is a shame that clients who had websites built a few years ago, have to undergo this change or suffer the fate of the Search Engine giant. 

If you need a hand with this please do not hesitate to contact us.